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Useful fonts for cake topper

See which are the useful fonts for cake topper I use the most

The purpose of this page is to post useful fonts for cake topper that I have already tested or that were suggested by my client to help you find the font that better matches the intended work. I welcome suggestions to cite here and help other people.

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Amelia Ornaments Font

The Amelia Ornaments font is very versatile, it has arabesques with two versions in the link below. You just need to download and install both versions to use all the features it has.

Yessy Font

The Yessy font has initial capital letters with an arabesque-style finish. Using characters such as \ | { } < > [ ] ^ ~, you can implement other arabesque models and ornaments to your text.

Font from Naruto

This is one of the most requested themes at parties for boys and even girls! Putting together the topper with the characters without putting the birthday boy’s (or girl’s) name written like Naruto’s name is a serious crime.

efeito dégradé no Silhouette Studio

How do I find a specific font from a finished project?

Finding a font used in an image we’ve seen and thought is cool, is a simple task, but it requires patience. To make this work easier, we have some options on the market that I mention below.

From websites that identify the source by tracking the image, to apps that do this from your cell phone. Let’s name a few:


What Font is

It’s very easy to use, just upload the image and mark where the text to be tracked is located.

My Font

This website shows you paid fonts. But nothing stops you from taking the name of the font and googling it.

Cell phone apps


I use this one a lot and it’s from the same website already mentioned here. Very easy to use and with a clean interface, it identifies fonts in seconds. Available for iOS and Android.

Find My Font

I haven’t tested this one, but the demonstration video indicates that it is very similar to the previous one. Available for iOS and Android.

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